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Yeah, there's another season but it seems to air exclusively on H2, the History spinoff a lot of people don't get in their cable packages. Based on the ads I've seen on History the H2 episodes seem to be very Giorgio Tsoukalos heavy with him doing a lot of remote shooting at archaeological sites.
I have been watching it and while most of it has been in the "It's So Bad, It's Good" territory, the scientific hooey they are spewing is seriously making the show tread to a level of "It is So Bad, It's Gone from Good Back to Bad" that I never knew existed.

Among the gems from the last batch of episodes:
  • Aliens invented the afterlife and all ancient tombs EVERYWHERE in the world were attempts to FedEx the dead back to the alien homeworld.
  • The Great Pyramid is a giant microwave oven powered by water sloshing around in the basement that beams electricity to France and Mexico
  • Albert Einstein and some other famous thinking guys were mouthpieces for ideas that aliens beamed into their heads.
  • Mercury had no use whatsoever to ancient civilizations and the river of mercury that the Chinese said was in the tomb of the First Emperor isn't really a river of mercury, it is the circuit board for a really big computer
  • The Egyptians were afraid of the Apis Bulls and buried them in alien built tombs to either: save themselves from Zombie Apis Bulls or send the bulls back to the aliens
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