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Re: X-MEN: Days Of Future Past (Casting, Rumors, Pics till release)

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This has always been my theory.
But didn't X-Men the last stand end with things kind of hunky dorry between regular humans and mutants?

How the hell do you go from appointing Hank McCoy as the U.S. representative to the United Nations to unleashing giant robots to commit genocide again mutants.
How do you go from the USA arming Mujahadeen fighters in Afghanistan in the 1980s to Al-Queda attacking American soil in 2011?
The U.S. supporting dictators in the Middle East and Al-Queda being a group of nutty religious extremists. Though I'm sure theirs other stuff in there too

Or the US and USSR being WWII allies, then Cold War foes,
Paranoia about communism added with the Iron Curtain and Stalin basically telling the rest of the allies "screw you" about reuniting Germany aka putting a giant freaking wall around half of Germany, but again there is probably other stuff that contributed.

then post-Glasnost allies
Winning the Cold War I imagine at least on the U.S. and western Europe's side and the Russians at that point having more important stuff to worry about like and economy in the toilet.

and now cold warriors again?
wait what?

Not quite as dramatic as giant genocidal robots, admittedly but the status quo rarely remains so for long.
Yeah for international relations not Civil Rights issues which tend to go from one group not liking another to acceptance/not giving a crap anymore that their in the group, so unless we're going to restart Jim Crow laws and bring Don't Ask Don't Tell back not remotely close to mutants suddenly going from at least somewhat accepted to being hunted down like dogs.
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