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Re: If Not Wonder Woman...Then Who?

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To me the plane just seems like a very odd "power" for her to have. It doesn't fit with the rest of what I know about her. She is a character based in myth and magic. Giving her an airplane would be like giving Thor a motorcycle or having Batman ride around on a magic carpet.
Well, not as originally conceived. The portrayal of the Amazons in pre-Crisis DC comics was as an Atlantis-type civilization more technologically advanced than the rest of the world, with more powerful weapons, faster aircraft, superior medical technology (the healing "Purple Ray"), etc.

I mean, remember, from the beginning, Wonder Woman's essential paraphernalia included bracelets whose primary purpose in combat was to deflect bullets. We saw other Amazons shooting guns at her to test her skill with the bracelets in the very first WW comic story back in 1940. So while she has always been connected to myth and magic, she's always been connected to technology as well, at least pre-Crisis.
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