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Re: Abrams: Star Wars AND Star Trek

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The Enterprise facing a new unknown threat in an alien region...
Nice TV Guide blurb does not make good story. So sorry.

What always disappointed me a little about TNG, over time, was that by the time the show really started to gel - season three - the inventiveness and freshness of the characters and premise was almost gone. They did spend a good part of season four exploring and somewhat redefining most of the regular characters, but the tremendous opportunities involved in introducing the audience to the likes of Picard, Data, Worf et al, not to mention inventing what the new era in which their adventures took place, had been somewhat squandered.

Everything you need to know to love the original Star Trek is in place by the end of its first year - we got to watch the show hit its zenith almost as quickly as we were discovering its existance - and only one really brilliant strokes , "Amok Time," was added after year one.

There are only three or four great TOS episodes after "The City On The Edge Of Forever," and none as good as that one.
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