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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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You know me, I call it like I see it. Nolan has elevated his brand into something special, given his movies' earnings and his well received and reviewed style. The guy hasn't made a stinker.....yet.
That's not mutually exclusive with him finding himself "elevating" another underestimated studio property. Especially these days. Hell, who in Hollywood besides Spielberg and Lucas have managed to stay completely off the franchise plantations while continuing to command the resources to make any damn film they please?

Many talented - and a few brilliant - directors have had their moments in the last two decades...but if you want to work with a lot of money and resources and be able to leverage serious distribution, you wind up doing a lot of work to please the people who themselves work to please stockholders. Ask Tim Burton.
I don't disagree with anything you say there, but at this point Nolan seems more like wishful thinking than anything tangible when it comes to Star Trek. Maybe he'll work on another "franchise plantation" (haha, nice) but certainly not our beloved and hallowed one.
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