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Re: The Oculus Rift (This will completely change the face of gaming)

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I'm also wondering, will it be compatible for people with who wear glasses? I have to wear glasses as I can't see well without them.
One might wear contacts. Or if near-sighted, it won't be a problem 'cause the screen is inches away from your face. Ultimately, those lenses that warp the picture just might come with prescriptions.

Never worn contacts, but I guess I'll have to consider lasik eventually. Yeah, I'm nearsighted, so much so that I do actually require to have them on even while looking through binoculars or telescopes and I get that this would be similar. If they can make prescription lenses, that'd be awesome, though it would likely be a custom order. Without any form of corrected vision, I'd likely get a severe headache from using this.

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