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Meh, I've had my fill of haters-gonna-hate. I'm getting tired of fanboys so stuck in 1966 that they can't look beyond anything else then Star Trek as it was then, and if it isn't an exact copy of that, it will suck. We went through all this when TNG came out, and now TNG is one of the most revered Star Trek shows ever made.

And heck, if you don't like it, that's fine too. But stop forcing your opinion on others with stuff like this.
Is that aimed at me or the guy who made the poster?
Probably the guy who made the poster but in general, it sounds like it's aimed at all fans.

The only people who expect Trek fans to like "all things Trek" are the outsiders who aren't into it in the first place and think it's all the same.

At the same time though, one of the main underlying themes through all Trek is tolerance of others beliefs, even if we don't agree with them. So it's strangely ironic that regardless of which series or film or version of Trek comes up, there's always someone, or some group, that doesn't know how to be civilized and "practice what Trek preaches", for lack of a better term.

How can you say you're a fan of something that talks about tolerance and acceptance while attacking those that believe something different than you?
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