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Re: Abrams: Star Wars AND Star Trek

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And I don't even like TNG S1 .
Nobody did, but we were so starved for STAR TREK that we watched it anyway!

But, yeah, the idea that Star Trek had a glorious future ahead of it would have been sheer wishful thinking back in the day.

Maybe that's why us old-timers aren't so traumatized at the prospect of Trek getting reinvented and rebooted every few decades--and tend to roll our eyes when the latest round of hand-wringing breaks out. We've gone through all of this before . . . .

"What? They're bringing STAR TREK back without Kirk and Spock? Starring some bald guy and a robot? That's it, STAR TREK is ruined forever!"

"Deep Space Nine? What, they're not even on a starship, they're just boldly sitting in one place? That's not STAR TREK! Roddenberry would never stand for it!"

"Voyager? That's not STAR TREK, that's LOST IN SPACE. It's official: STAR TREK is dead to me!"

"Enterprise? Who the hell is this Archer dude? Canon violation!"

The more things change . . . .
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