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Re: Abrams: Star Wars AND Star Trek

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Well, at least when you were younger Star Trek had a bright future beyond action movies in a separate continuity and sporadic novel releases. I'm in the wrong generation for this fandom.
You have no realistic idea of what Star Trek's future might be. None at all.

What we knew in the 1970s was that a dead failed TV show was a dead failed TV show, and while we kept campaigning and hoping for something, until around 1976 no one had any real reason to believe that anything was going to happen with Star Trek.

I guarantee you that no one was saying "I can't wait until the day when there are seven hundred hours of Trek for fans to obsess and argue over and be pissed off about - that's the future worth living for!"

Hell, maybe that's why younger fans are so quick to complain about everything. I certainly do think that skiffy fans are much more critical of Hollywood's current fantasy films than I could imagine being. When I was a kid or young adult the idea of, say, a Green Lantern film as extravagant and exciting as the one that disappointed so many people a couple of years ago would have been beyond all expectations.
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