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Re: What are the requirements for the joining the Federation?

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[Picard] "Every member of the Federation entered as a unified world ..."
Unified world doesn't automatically mean a one world government. It could refer to a species seeing themselves as a people, a social realization.
Uh-huh. Suuuuure. And states can enter the U.S., provinces can join Canada, and lander can join the Federal Republic of Germany, as disunified polities with no clearly-defined constitutions, governments, or territories.

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I would tend to presume that the general requirements for Federation Membership for a polity would include, amongst others:
  • Possession of at least one entire planet as a sovereign territory
  • Possession of a genuinely democratic government
  • An abolition of any sort of slavery or involuntary servitude
  • An abolition of caste or class systems
  • A certain range of economic equality
  • An abolition of institutional racism, sexism, classism, nationalism, ableism, etc.
  • An abolition of poverty
  • A guarantee of civil rights and liberties for all persons
  • Prohibitions on "sentients" rights abuses
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