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Re: House of Cards (Netflix)

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I assume there'll be discs available also?
You know what they say about when you assume things.

But it does beg the question of disc released for shows like this and Arrested Development. Is season four never going to get a dvd release?

The show will have two seasons (with the possibility of more), both are supposed to be released in season chunks.

From wiki (which seems to be from the article I read months ago...
The project was first announced in March 2011, with Kevin Spacey attached to star and serve as an executive producer.[3] Fincher was announced to be directing the first two episodes, with Willimon writing. Netflix ordered 26 episodes to air over two seasons.[13] Spacey called Netflix’s model of dropping all episodes at once a "new perspective".[9] He added that Netflix's commitment to two-full seasons gave the series greater continuity. "We know exactly where we are going," he said.[9]
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