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Re: What are the requirements for the joining the Federation?

Those aren't my words, those are the actual words actually spoken onscreen by Picard in "Attached."
False. Picard's words, as already quoted, were "Every member of the Federation entered as a unified world, and that unity said something about them."
Um, that was exactly what Picard said, so why are you calling it false?
Nothing about the form of government there. Indeed, Crusher responded with "By all indications, the Kes are a very unified, very progressive people.", suggesting that planetary government was only peripheral to the discussion. Picard accepts the response as such.
That's your opinion, not mine. Otherwise, it seems quite clear that the situation regarding Kesprytt III is an unusual one, something from the norm, and not something that commonly happens. If it was, then Picard wouldn't have made a point about it.
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