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Re: House of Cards (Netflix)

Now I've gotten curious how they're marketing this, because I'm getting all my info on this series here, and not a peep from Netflix itself.

But they're doing a billboard! Whee! For the LA industry crowd:

"We’re also generating a lot of attention in certain cities doing a highly concentrated, large scale promotion to be able to see what the effects of ours to stimulate the creative community awareness and generally build a lot of buzz around those shows," said Hastings.

Translation: Netflix's push into original programming has to be on Hollywood's radar in order to spur more interest from producers and talent that it is a new home for their wares. No doubt big cities where Netflix usage over-indexes will get their share of promotion as well, targeting the "influencer" crowd.
The article also talks about Netflix using its vaunted algorithms to do targeted marketing, so maybe I'm not seeing anything because I don't watch enough political thrillers? Is anyone seeing Netflix promos for this show?
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