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Re: Oberth deckplans

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Yeah, last time someone asked about deckplans from SD on here it seemed OK to point out that workaround when someone else did, but now it isn't. Oh well, sorry if I stepped on anyone's toes.
Sorry, Bell'Orso - it's never been OK. The BBS is pretty strict about neither promoting nor enabling the violation of IP, whether it's Paramount or any other creator. Creating fan art and items is reasonably-well accepted, even though one could probably make the argument that a lot of it probably violates copyrights in some way, but when it comes to things like sites that offer items for sale, or even ones that don't but it's something that's not out there for access to the public, it's pretty much zero tolerance for circumventing the external site's rules.

And now we're all better-informed and all on the same page, right, guys?
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