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Re: Remove One Letter

Star Trek: Fist Contact - The Enterprise-E follows the Borg back in time, and the crew discovers that the Borg can't adapt to a punch in the face.

The Tin Man - Comedy-mystery spinoff from the Wizard of Oz, where the Tin Man becomes a detective and marries a wealthy heiress.

T. the Extra-Terrestrial - Children help a lost alien (played by Mr. T)

Dead Pets Society - An English teacher inspires his students to kill small animals.

Goodbye, Mr. Hips - An elderly schoolteacher remembers his attempts to lose weight.

It's a Wonderful Lie - An angel keeps a man from committing suicide by making up some nonsense about how bad things would be if he'd never been born.

Three Cons in the Fountain - Three escaped criminals dream of finding love while hiding in Rome.

2 Angry Men - Most of a jury sit around waiting while two guys argue.

Guess Who's Coming to Diner - A young white woman's parents won't let her black fiance in their house, so they go out to eat instead.
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