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Re: Transporters compatibility

A transporter is a subspace device.
I'd argue that it is not, because a "subspace transporter" is a special type of machine differing from the regular one somehow.

Perhaps a transporter is a phasing device, along with the phase cloak and the phase gun?

With each mark, the wider the choice of what could be transported.
Plus possible other improvements. Although higher marks and more recent inception don't necessarily have to denote steady improvement in every case: tactical requirements might favor making higher-mark torpedoes carry smaller explosive yields than earlier marks, for example, or giving higher-mark phasers (did we ever hear of phaser marks?) reduced range. Yet with transporters, it would probably be unthinkable to scale back on anything, as a reduction in accuracy, versatility or range would translate to increased risk to user...

The Klingon transporter in Day of the Dove made sense for the Klingons, you materalize silently, good for tactical beam downs.
...Did they finally insert the sound effect in the TOS-R version?

Timo Saloniemi
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