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Flux Capacitor wrote: View Post
Thanks! We knew right away what to name them when we saw two twin brothers with yellow eyes at the rescue shelter. Had we not gotten them, one of the employees was going to adopt Data and we couldn't bear to let them be separated. They're very clearly brothers and are quite inseparable, as you can see.
That's awesome. It would have been horrible to separate them.

B.J. wrote: View Post
Oh, and we think there may be hope for Banshee to be out of the diaper someday. After I took off her diaper yesterday, she went to the litter pan and squatted for a minute. Nothing happened, but shortly thereafter I had to clean off some "Klingons". So we think she knows when she has to go, but doesn't have the muscle control yet.
That's great. Hopefully she won't be Diaper Kitty for long!
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