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Re: Django Unchained--Tarintino's new project

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Damn.. that's all i can say about Django Unchained.

A short while ago today i saw it and i honestly can't remember when nearly 3 hours flew by so fast (even with the 15 minute intermission which i haven't experienced in a long time at the movies), not even with the Lord of the Rings movies where i was gripped by the story and visuals but still was aware of the time it took to tell the story.

Django is so chock full of Tarantino style.. it's glorious and brilliant and may be the best movie he made in his life and most of his movies are grouped so tight near the top spot that it's hard to choose.
This one had it all.. funny, gore, action, gripping dialogue, drama and outstanding actors led by a man who knew exactly what he wanted.

I nearly blacked out twice during the movie from laughing so hard.. first one was the Ku Klux Klan scene and then the big shootout near the end which was so over the top it was just amazing and hilarious.

Music choices are genius as always with Tarantino movies and Waltz definitely deserved his Golden Globe for his performance here.

Unfortunately i saw it in the german synchronized version so i can't wait for the Blu Ray to see/hear it in the english original.

Another masterpiece by Tarantino who cements his top spot as the "cool movies" director (and i fell nearly out of the chair when his cameo character was killed.. you know what i mean ).
Not yet sure if it gets top spot but it was great.
How did the whole "we are speaking German as a plot point" work when everyone is speaking German all the time? I was lucky enough to watch it inthe original version.
Yeah well.. this part fell flat. When it was clear they were speaking German i concentrated on the lip movements and indeed they did. The company didn't go to any length to try to make this something else and it would be pointless.. they did the best they could and ignored it. It's often enough that some english wordplay doesn't work in the german version for obvious reasons.. sometimes the studio tries to translate it (and fails to grasp the humor) and sometimes they come up with a fitting german substitute.. Good Morning Vietnam is an excelllent example of brilliant german dubbing and one of the rare dubbed movies where i like the german version nearly as much as the original.

Unfortunately most of my guys don't watch movies in the original english at the theatre so i was stuck seeing Django in German.. still great but i'm itching for the Blu Ray release to see it in the original language (and i'm pre-ordering and if need be pay full price because the movie is worth it).
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