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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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Noooooooo!!!! I won't let that happen. No way can anyone do to Abrams Trek what that upstart Nolan did to ruin Schumacher's Batman. NEVER!!!!!!

To be honest, I feel that Nolan himself ruined his OWN Batman trilogy (which started off great with Batman Begins) with that self-indulgent and meandering TDKR...

...but that's just my off-topic opinion, and is an argument meant for another thread -- and even for another message board.
I disagree, but it won't make me stalk you over your own opinion on the subject.
Fair enough. Like the saying goes, "Opinions are like a-holes; every has one, but they think each others stink". I didn't "hate" TDKR: it had its moments and had many good qualities, but I found it to be a chore to sit through, especially the middle-third of the film. I did enjoy the beginning and end more.

To get sort of on topic, I guess if Nolan was chosen to direct the next ST sequel if Abrams can't, I would have mixed feelings. I loved many of Nolan's films, such as Memento, The Prestige, and Inception, but, as I mentioned earlier, I also found TDKR (and even TDK to a lesser extent) to have meandering stories that did not need to meander. My fear would be that Nolan would give ST the same treatment he gave to TDKR, rather than say one of his tighter-storied films, such as The Prestige.

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But at least tell me you were not devastated that Warner/DC decided to revisit Batman under a different production team to explore an alternate interpretation of the franchise (regardless of its ultimate success--which, as you say, is best left for another board/thread).
To tell you the truth, I like re-tellings and re-imaginings. I find that other people's new interpretations of existing stories can be very interesting, and sometimes even worthwhile. I would have been quite content if ST2009 would have been a straight reboot and re-imagining of the entire ST world (which it could be argued that it was, in a "defacto" way, but under the guise of being in an alternate universe).

But that's just my opinion, which you may think stinks.

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