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Re: Ant-Man and Dr. Strange part of Marvel Cinematic Universe phase 3

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^Yes, I know that. You introduced the concept of sensuality as a justification for the character's curvaceousness. I was rejecting that argument because that's not the only way to be sensual.
No, I introduced the concept of sensuality because your idea of "good character design" seemed to leave no room for anything else than practicality.
"Seemed" being the key word. You assumed that was what I meant because you made the mistake of equating sensuality with big breasts. My whole point is that that's wrong -- that the kind of sleek, supple body type I'm thinking of is no less sexy, that there's no reason a character like Black Cat couldn't be just as sensual while also having a body type that makes sense for a catburglar.

You see, what inspired my line of thinking here was a Mission: Impossible episode where Eartha Kitt -- the third-season Catwoman from the Adam West Batman -- guest starred as a gymnast who played a vital role on a mission by using her dainty, flexible build to crawl through tight ventilation ducts, slide under electric eyes, and so forth... and it was really very sexy to watch. I realized then and there that that's exactly how Catwoman or Black Cat should be built, because then they'd still be sexy, but in a way that suits their characters and their jobs, rather than just being a carbon copy of every other superheroine's or supervillain's body type these days.
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