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Re: Ant-Man and Dr. Strange part of Marvel Cinematic Universe phase 3

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Character design is not necessarily better when it's realistic. The characters you're talking about are defined by their sensual nature just as much as their profession. If you ignore those qualities, you miss the point of the character and end up with something else instead, something that is not nearly as interesting or enduring.
That's a nonsensical counterargument, because you don't need to have DD cups to be sensual. Some of the sexiest women around have much sleeker figures. Women who are built like gymnasts or dancers can be stunningly lovely and sexy. Ample curves are fine, but they aren't all that sexy if they aren't special, if every woman in the whole comic-book universe has the same busty build, which is all too often the case in comics these days. Uniformity is boring. There are a lot of different ways to be beautiful.
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