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Re: Dilithium Crystals and Nuclear Fusion - A Star Trek Reunion Story?

The map shows two systems - Romii and Romulus.
Nothing identifies those as systems specifically. They are just dots on the map, with legend text - something often used for individual planets as well. Indeed, they may in fact be "Romulus" and "Rom II", further reinforcing the image of them as planets rather than star systems.

magnetic space storms are localized events
Says who? The only "magnetic space storm" ever mentioned was the one from this pilot episode; all the others were planetary phenomena with no known relationship to the spatial variant. Neither type is necessarily the same as "ion storm", and nobody ever gave us any specs about the extent of such things anyway.

Yet, FWIW, we learned that ion storms can move at high warp speed, and in unpredictable ways (say, "Catwalk", ST:NEM). A ship caught in one could well be propelled across great distances at higher speeds than her own engines can provide.

Whether there would additionally be a wormhole inside the storm, unknown to our heroes, we can't tell. Kirk did appear mightily surprised by the presence of an Earth vessel out there. Would he have been less surprised, had he known in advance about the ship's encounter with a magnetic storm? When Spock reads out the log, Kirk doesn't make it clear whether he finds the magnetic storm story a sufficient explanation for the ship's presence near the edge of the galaxy or not.

The word wormhole was introduced into the English language in 1957.
And in any case would have been available to our 23rd century heroes, regardless of whether it was available to the writers.

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