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Re: Classic Who on BBC America

There aren't any outtakes to put in: in those days, the series was shot as live, so if someone made a slip they either covered it and carried on (even turning Hartnell's slip-ups over Chesterton's name into an ongoing character quirk), or stopped, went back to the last planned recording break (ie, fade to black, or a roll back and mix for a materialisation) and did the entire sequence again. Often the tape would actually be wound back and the new take recorded over the original; if not, it would be physically edited out and discarded before broadcast.

You can see how it works on the pilot episode, where the entire recording session does survive: a continuous take of the opening 15-odd minutes, then the first take of the console room scenes, an abandoned second take (about 15 seconds long at most, which goes wrong as Jacqueline Hill trips while coming through the TARDIS doors), and another full take of the console room sequence.

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