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Re: So what do you think is gonna happen for the Fiftieth Anniversery?

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I dunno. Paramount seems to hot on re-booting everything but not creating anything new. I imagine it will be the same old stuff that they think we're stupid enough to re-buy because it says "Special 50th Anniversary Edition."
Yep. Put a new sticker on it and charge another $30 since it's a collectible.
And don't forget the "25th Anniversary Editions" of the "25th Anniversary Editions". Maybe at special 25th anniversary prices. No collection would be complete without those. And buy two, so you can leave one pristine in its package while enjoying the other.

Added to the "Special Added Features" of some movies will be critical insights from Key Grips down through the Trek movies.

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For the Trek frat boys I'm guessing.
Ooooh, Trek frat boys. I'll take a pass on any of their parties.
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