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Re: The Hunted (nBSG)

Lee parted the curtains and he looked down at Gianne Val. She was sleeping—she was an angel that he had thought he would never again see. And he walked in and started to sit down in the chair beside her bed—when he saw the crib. The crib that held the incredibly tiny child covered in blankets, her eyes tightly closed as her chest rose and fell as she slept.

My daughter, Lee thought in awe as he stood there. My daughter.

He had no idea of how long he stood there, jusk looking at her, afraid to touch her lest she wake. Until a soft voice made him turn arond. “I thought you were supposed to be dead,” Anne said.

Lee smiled at her; he rushed over and he sat down next to the bed. “I am so sorry for how I reacted, Anne. I, I was surprised, scared, and I had to think,” he tried to explain. “I had an assignment, and when I left, I went t0 the spaceport for the decomissioning ceremony. I flew out to Galactica—that same day, I flew out there. The same day that the Cylons came. And I thought you were dead.”

He held her hands and she was crying—he was crying. He kissed those hands. “We have a daughter, Anne. A little girl,” he said as he looked at the crib. “My daughter—our daughter.”

“Is this a dream, Lee?” she asked. “Because if you aren’t here when I wake up, I don’t know what I’ll do,” she cried. And Lee held her. He cried with her. He kissed her. And he wiped away her tears.

“No dream, Anne. I’m here. And I will be here for you from now on—for you, if you will have me back. And my daughter. I’m here for our daughter.”

“You’re not scared anymore?”

“I’m terrified,” he said as tears ran down his cheeks. “She’s so small, so fragile, so . . .,” and Anne held him now.

"So innocent," she finished.

After a long while, they pulled apart and Lee looked over at the crib again. “What’s her name?”

“Evelyn Sophia Adama,” she cried.

And Lee stared at her. “You named her for my grandmother?”

“And mine. We both have issues with our own parents, but not our grandparents.”

The babe jerked and she began to cry. Lee looked at Anne and she nodded. He walked over to the crib and he gingerly and gently picked up the infant wrapped in the blankets.

“Support her head, Lee,” Anne said softly, and the pilot adjusted his grip. Her eyes were half-closed and her hands reached out—and she had the thick brown hair on her head. “Shhhhhhhhh,” whispered Lee as he rocked her. “Hello, Evelyn,” he said. “I’m your Dad,” he cried as he carried her over to Ann and his former fiancée took her and unlaced her robes to begin feeding the hungry infant.

And he sat down again and held Anne’s hand—and stroked the baby’s arm as she drank.
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