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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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Noooooooo!!!! I won't let that happen. No way can anyone do to Abrams Trek what that upstart Nolan did to ruin Schumacher's Batman. NEVER!!!!!!

To be honest, I feel that Nolan himself ruined his OWN Batman trilogy (which started off great with Batman Begins) with that self-indulgent and meandering TDKR...

...but that's just my off-topic opinion, and is an argument meant for another thread -- and even for another message board.
I disagree, but it won't make me stalk you over your own opinion on the subject. But at least tell me you were not devastated that Warner/DC decided to revisit Batman under a different production team to explore an alternate interpretation of the franchise (regardless of its ultimate success--which, as you say, is best left for another board/thread).
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