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Re: Ant-Man and Dr. Strange part of Marvel Cinematic Universe phase 3

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I only wish they could bring Daredevil, Spidey, Fantastic Four, & X-men back to the fold of a shared universe. I miss those guys.
I used to think that way, but then I read an article or blog post that made a really good point: Any one movie studio can only make a finite number of movies per year, so if Marvel got back the rights to all its characters, we'd get fewer Marvel superhero movies in all. So now I think it's better to have them spread out among multiple studios working on them simultaneously. All we need is for the different studios to cooperate, to coordinate their efforts in order to establish a sense of continuity. That almost happened last year -- the makers of The Avengers had an agreement in principle with Sony to insert The Amazing Spider-Man's Oscorp Tower into their digital Manhattan skyline, but it didn't work out because of the timing of the post-production of the respective films. But it could've happened there, and it could happen again in the future.

I'd also love to see Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat, but that's just because I want to see who they'd cast. lol.
I assume you're thinking of the curvaceous way she's usually drawn. I'd really rather not see her portrayed that way. I've got nothing against curvaceous women in principle, but it's a terrible body type for a catburglar, someone who's supposed to be light and agile and able to slink through tight spaces. It's a mistake to render Black Cat and Catwoman that way, a triumph of cookie-cutter fetishism over good character design.
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