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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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Yesterday, I finished The Next Generation: Kahless. Except for the misspelling of bat'leth it was an enjoying read.
Well, the spelling of that word has changed over the years. Originally it was supposed to be batlh'etlh, a mashup of the pre-existing Okrand-Klingon words for "honor" and "sword." Since that's a tongue-twister for English speakers, it ended up being pronounced "bat-leth" onscreen -- yet somehow the early scripts and reference sources rendered it as "bat'telh." It was a number of years before the official sources started writing it as "bat'leth" to match the pronunciation -- probably not until the 1997 edition of the Encyclopedia came out. So at the time Kahless was written, the "bat'telh" spelling was officially "correct," even though it made no sense.
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