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Re: Great year for be continued in 2013!

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If only, if only...
I'm honestly not sure how I feel about a new series, live-action or animated.

We've been from the beginning of time to the edge of the universe and pretty much everywhere in between. We've dealt with our younger selves and seen where humanity might go in the future.

Any new series is going to have a tough time finding a voice for itself and will inevitably be compared to the sea of seven hundred episodes that have already been produced. The fanbase was pretty hard on Voyager and Enterprise for using concepts already done in other series. How far away does a new series have to move away from the formula to find its niche and will it be so far away that it no longer resembles Star Trek?

A new film every three or four years is a treat. Something to look forward too. A new series? I'm not so sure...
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