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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

These last three episodes of Young Justice have all been excellent. The Reach really are playing this whole thing perfectly, aren't they? Arsenal's a damned fool, and if Godfrey wants to he oculd easily use that footage to totally discredit the Team (and by extension the League).

I'm not sure about this Green Beetle still - considering Miss M's reticence to probe his mind, is it possible he's hiding something? And I can't help feeling like Jaime's Scarab being quieted is going to have some serious repercussions.

It was nice to see Zatanna and the Captains get some screentime back in "Cornered," and Mal's feeling useless getting a little bit of payoff. I wouldn't mind seeing him stay as Guardian, but we'll see where that goes.

I've come to feel like that, while I like Impulse well enough, I'd rather see some of the others get a little more focus - Cassie, Babs, Tim, for example. Rocket too for that matter, and Wally. But I guess that's the downside with such a large cast of interesting characters.

Hopefully Miss M can finish fixing Kaldur before Psimon wakes up and reveals to Manta that Tigress is actually Artemis. I was afraid for a bit that Psimon would be "fixing" and rewriting Kaldur to make him actually a villain and Artemis would have to make a quick escape somehow, leading to even more serious consequences for M'Gann's lashing out. I guess this show won't go there though.

I kind of wonder what will happen when the 6 Leaguers return - are they gonna serve as the cavalry, or more like the Rohirrim in ROTK, making a huge impact but needing their own cavalry moment from the Team?
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