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Re: Billingsley: Enterprise Gray Areas

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Would have been an excellent opportunity to see how much cultural influence the Catholic Church and other religious groups might still have by that time
Phlox said something about celebrating mass at the Vatican, but judging from this and this, zero to none.
I tend to agree, and I'm not saying the Vatican should be portrayed as still having a large influence in Archer's time, but I do think there could be room for some sort of clerical voice in a hypothetical episode dealing with discussion of the Valakian situation on Earth, even if it were a minor voice.

One could posit a widespread religious revival in the wake of WWIII, but one would also think that the existence of sentient aliens would profoundly impact Earth religions' influence. Too bad the show wasn't much interested in big ideas...

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1) I always imagined the PD as something they arrived at through mistakes. Like, maybe they found an empire savagely crushing another nation, and armed that other nation to protect them. Then when that nation won the war, they were even harsher and more sadistic than the empire. I don't see them arriving at the PD without making a mistake like that first, so I was hugely disappointed when they just pulled it out of thin air.
Interesting idea, but there's enough comparable situations in our own history to make the dangers of such actions perfectly clear. I would've been fine with the PD being crafted through speculative discussion if the writing were good enough.
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