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Re: Dilithium Crystals and Nuclear Fusion - A Star Trek Reunion Story?

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It's the details from which we draw different conclusions and if I understood correctly you consider the possibility that warp drive is possible with nuclear fusion only, where I do agree except that it would require nuclear fusion energy to be either amplified or converted by dilithium crystals and mixed / integrated with the m-am annihilation plasma ("intermix formula").
Not exactly. To clarify, in the TOS continuity I consider FTL possible with nuclear fusion power or Impulse power (and Ion power, Total Conversion Drive, etc). Space Warp drive may or may not require a matter-antimatter engine. And I consider Lithium and Dilithium crystals as a new technology that was added on relatively prior to TOS.

As to TNG-ENT, they've put almost everything under warp drive as dilithium-regulated matter-antimatter engines. The only "alpha quadrant" power that might not follow that are the Romulans with their forced quantum singularity power plants.

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In "Elaan of Troyius" we do not seem to see the ship running on battery power (to extend the duration of their interplanetary voyage), yet warp drive capability has been sabotaged because the dilithium converter assembly has been "fused".
That's true that the ship didn't have warp drive. However, I do believe that given a long enough straight run, she could achieve low FTL speeds under impulse power similar to her predicament in "WNHMGB". With impulse power only, the time to reach a base went from "days away were now years in the distance" but not decades or more.

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Where I also disagree is to assume warp drive capability for the Romulan Bird of Prey in "Balance of Terror". This was not established in the episode (Scotty: "Their power is simple impulse" - and no warp drive) and the star chart suggested Romulus and RomII to be in close (interplanetary) proximity to the Neutral Zone. For all we know the return voyage of the ship could have taken months or even years.
Simple impulse doesn't preclude FTL. If you watch the map it takes a minute or so to cross a square at "maximum warp". But at the speed they are pacing the Romulan it was only an hour to the neutral zone from Outpost 4. If they were traveling at sublight following the Romulan, I'd suspect it would take longer than an hour...
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