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Re: Geordi's Authority

...And in other ways as well. Worf was murderous scum by general UFP moral standards, so it might have been a bit awkward for Starfleet to reward him for his good work too openly. OTOH, Worf was exactly the sort of murderous scum that the UFP needed in its dealings with the Klingons, but admitting that out loud would have made those very dealings more complicated.

It would seem Picard had a "dream team" of bridge officers for the Federation Flagship, chosen partially by himself but partially by outside forces. He had the Security Officer of his choosing, and a handpicked Chief Engineer "in waiting", at the helm - but he might have been forced to accept the Only Klingon In Starfleet against his will, for the symbolic value. He does dismiss advice from the OKIS for most of the first three seasons, and treat him with open disdain until he gets thrust into Klingon politics himself. Perhaps he held back the early promotions for that reason?

Whether Data was another celebrity forced upon Picard, the infamous OAIS, or whether Picard was the only commander to see the true value of Data and invite him to a responsible position, we don't know exactly. Who got Troi aboard? She was there before Riker was, but is there a causal relationship there, or merely a romantic one?

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