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Abrams made a movie that was well crafted to take advantage of the expectations of the general global audience for summer tentpole action franchises. It focused on the franchise's most well-known names/images (Kirk, Spock, Enterprise) and was marketed as slam-bang exciting action that could be appreciated by people who'd never seen one minute of Star Trek before, just like Iron Man and The Avengers appealed to people who'd never read those comics (and had to, in order to be profitable movies).
Completely true. Movies are unfortunately like that. TV shows, however get boring if every episode is centered on that kind of thing. The TNG TV show was completely different from the TNG movies. The movies were all based off weapon fire and explosions, wheras the TV show had some weapons and explosions, but was also entertaning and had lots rewatchable content.
It's not that TV shows get boring if they're made similar to movies, it's that TV shows can't afford to be made similar to movies. The JJ movie had a budget of $150 million while an episode on TV cost somewhere between $1m and $3m depending on what site you look at. Even if you remove the advertising costs from the budget, the movie still costs at least 10 times as much as a TV show per minute of aired content.
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