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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Prodigal Daughter (**)

On this week's very special episode of Deep Space Blossom, Ezri deals with the emotional impact of discovering that her brother is a murderer. In the beginning, the episode seems to be setting itself up as a sequel to Honor Among Thieves, which wasn't an episode that particularly needed a sequel, but I wouldn't say no to such an episode either. Sadly, it's probably this element of the episode that weakens it the most and drags Ezri's story into something of a melodrama.

The best bits of the episode are towards the beginning as Ezri attempts to make sense of her family life from the new perspective of being joined. It's strange that we're actually meeting Ezri's family considering we never met Jadzia's. Truth be told, I don't remember Jadzia even mentioning any members of her family, all her stories about family life involved previous hosts of the Dax symbiont. (A quick check on Memory Alpha reveals that Jadzia had one sister who sent her glassware at some point.) While it is a little odd that we're meeting Ezri's family, it is one aspect of Trill society we haven't seen before; how families cope when one member of the family essentially becomes a different person. Ezri's relationship with her mother is particularly usual considering Ezri now has more experience in all walks of life than her domineering mother ever will.

But then O'Brien shows up and we learn that the woman O'Brien was searching for was somehow connected to Ezri's family. This would be a big coincidence on a planet of 7 billion people, in a galaxy of untold trillions it's downright amazing. It turns out that Ezri's brother killed her because nobody ever took him seriously, and it's all the mother's fault. Okay, Ezri's mother isn't the galaxy's best parent, she isn't even worthy of a mug declaring her so, but blaming the murder on her seems a bit harsh. Norvo apparently had psychopathic tendencies and his mother may have exacerbated those, so maybe she deserves some of the blame for that, but Ezri choosing not to console her mother during this crisis seems cruel, and unbecoming of a therapist.
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