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Re: Twilight actress Cheating Scandal: Together again!

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It's status. You take a step into mature, grown up land when you are married. Outside of that everyone secretly thinks you are a loser after a certain age.

That pressure is always there for a lot of people, subtle but ever present.
Nothing wrong with being single, as long as there are lots of sex involved with unmarried people.
Pfft. If marriage is such this awful terrible tying down thing like people are going on about that everyone should be trying to avoid ermagerd!, there should be lots of sex with married people to facilitate the end of the tyranny. It's only logical.

Really, Kristen Stewart and... um, the dude... should be applauded. Mostly Kristen though, she's the real hero.

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I'll have Kristen if no-one else wants her.
I think you'll have to chase off Legion with a stick first.
Even in the darkness every color can be found
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