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Re: Twilight actress Cheating Scandal: Together again!

The social pressure to always form monogamous relationships, as well as the expectation that one step away from monogamy can spell the end of your life as you knew it, can really take away the joy in life for some people. And it does not help when you have the entire world pointing the finger at you when all you wanted to do is find happiness and joy in your own way.

Now, of course, betraying a promise you've made to your closest person is not something that you should automatically get away with, but that promise is between you and them. And it should also be clear that you were forced into making that promise under pressure from the society that was telling you this is the only accepted way - which is one more reason why society needs to shut up on personal matters.

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Men marry to have sex.

Women marry to have some one to talk to.

This is why only same sex marriages work.
Nah, it's best to marry in a relationship where the three of you like people from the same gender, but aren't attracted to each other. Your platonic love will be based on cheating on each other as much as possible and then sharing long passionate nights of talk where you share your most intimate stories. That's true love and it works for same-sex, opposite-sex and other unions.
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