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Re: Changes of Worf between S1-S7

There's a LOT of retrospective 'Early Instalment Weirdness' in TNG's first season, maybe more even than in other typical television shows. Worf being more animalistic, Tasha Yar being at tactical and Worf at the back workstations, Data using contractions and showing overt emotional responses, Geordi being on the bridge, Riker without a beard, Troi's and Crusher's hairstyles, etc. It says a lot for how much and how quickly the style and characterisation evolved that season one feels so intrinsically different to what came along only a year and a bit later.

Back when TNG was first on I knew somebody who was something of a casual fan, and had joined it somewhere around the third or fourth season. I showed them some episodes from season one and they could barely even believe they were watching the same show.
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