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Re: Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase in "Foul Play"

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My dad said that they really ran a train into a station for that scene, since they were demolishing the station anyway.
Sorry, but...

IMDB wrote:
The climatic train crash at the end of the film was shot in an airplane hanger with a replica locomotive and a replica train station, both replicas were built especially for the movie. The engine crashing into the station was filmed in two adjoining hangars at the Lockeed Aircraft Plant in Burbank, California using a full-sized mock-up of the FP-7A locomotive. The replica of the Chicago train station spanned several acres. The train crash was filmed using nine cameras and amounted to just fourteen seconds of screen time. The cost of the set, its filming and equipment totaled $500,000 which averaged about $36,000 for each second of the sequence.
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