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Re: Uses of the Reliant studio model in Trek

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Not particularly different. If anything, portable weapons would have a greater excuse for being put out of production when they grow outdated. But there is no motivation for ceasing the production of "primitive" revolvers, so there certainly shouldn't be a motivation for doing major changes for a "primitive" starship which is a much more complex industrial effort to begin with and would require much more effort to redesign. Not unless something about the threat environment changes - and nothing should change for a science vessel, as its "threats" have stayed constant for billions of years already.
Sorry, I'm not quite buying that logic. A gun is a gun. You put bullets in it and you shoot. A starship is an advanced piece of engineering allowing its occupant to travel at FTL speeds to other planets, while also containing a multitude of systems such as computers, life-support, matter/antimatter engines, artificial gravity, weapons systems, sensor systems...the list goes on. Your comparison isn't even remotely similar.
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