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Re: Old Star Trek books

I used to have quite the Trek library, until the ex stole it all. [There is a very special place in Hell for her!!] Mostly, I miss the old TOS Foto-novels. For a kid with a 13" black & white TV, those color foto-novels were amazing! [The first time I saw color television was in college.]

These days, my collection consists of:
- all the movies on DVD
- TOS-R on DVD
- TAS on DVD (drooling over a probable Blu-ray version), a Father's Day gift
- StarFleet Technical Manual, First Edition
- life-sized store display with ST09 Burger King glasses + 2 extra sets
- The Making of Star Trek, Trouble with Tribbles books, at least I think I still have them

I'd love to find the set of Foto-novels some day...
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