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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

The Darkling

Janeway is on a planet meeting with its people in order to obtain information about the area and what they may encounter. This is one of the story lines. The main story line is the Doctor. He set up a holodeck scene to meet with the great minds of several worlds in order to improve his personality. (Who would you pick if you had the chance)? The third, minor story line is that Kes falls in love with Zahir, a member on the planet, and is thinking about going away with him for a while to decide if she wants to stay on VOY.

The Doctor is hysterical in this episode. He really is a wonderful actor. He accidentally hits of B'Elanna when she was in sick bay because of his new personality traits. B'Elanna worries that his program will become unstable because he added too many things. The Doctor does become “evil” and he pushes Zahir down a cliff, and he physically disables B'Elanna so she cannot fix his program, which she found was unstable.

In the end, Kes tries to talk the Bad Doctor into the idea that he was trying to help her, but the Bad Doc throws them off a cliff, and VOY beams them onto the ship as they are falling. The Good Doc is back! Kes is also remaining on board VOY! The Doc has a very touching scene with Kes at the end, and then he re-swears the Hippocratic Oath.

Favorite part: When the bad Doctor is explaining to Kes why he detests the good Doctor. He gets this creepy low voice! Love it! The divot in his chin is very prominent when he scowls.

Least favorite part: I feel bad for Neelix. He must be heartbroken over Kes...
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