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Re: My first voyage with Voyager


Chakotay is in a shuttle craft and receives a call for help. He is attacked while he is on the planet, and wakes up on a colony with several thousand humans. Their story is that they all woke up and do not have any memories of how they got there. There are humans and many other groups that Klingons, Vulcans, etc. that are on the colony. Some of the fractions are at “war” with each other, but the women who is taking care of Chakotay claims that they live in a peaceful colony. (Chakotay is a vegetarian? I guess I am not surprised, but I never picked up on that before).

I was immediately apprehensive once the woman would not let Chakotay out of his room, with the previous episodes hint, it was obviously something to do with the Borg. While Chakotay is on the planet VOY ran into a Borg Cube adrift in space, with no life/activated Borg on it. On the planet Chakotay finds out that the members on the planet were once Borg that was separated from the Collective because of a spacial storm. The look on his face when he figures out they were once Borg, when he first saw them, was aloofness. I am not sure if that makes him brave, or incredibly stupid. In order to save Chakotay, they have to hook him up to a neural transmitter and connect him to the collective to heal him.

The group on the planet uses the connection with Chakotay to get him to shoot B'Elanna and go back to the Borg ship to aid the members in their quest to reconnect the collective so the members on that planet can live in peace, but maintain their actual bodies and species without being assimilated. In the end, they use Chakotay to reestablish their link and then they let Chakotay go... The Borg ship is blown up.

I assume this episode was put here to show that the beings who are assimilated are not bad people, rather they were captives of the Borg, and once free from the Borg they are descent folks. I would guess that this episode is foreshadowing Seven of Nine's future entrance into the show (one of the few spoilers I know—although, I know nothing other than her name, that she was a Borg, and is supposed to be super attractive). If my guess is accurate I understand the need for this episode, if not, I don't really like this episode. Why leave the Borg ship unexplored, take their weapons and anything else that could benefit VOY and blow the damn thing up!

Favorite part: I think Chakotay got laid...they are so subtle it is sometimes hard to tell...

Least favorite part: Another shuttle craft gone....where do they keep getting frickin' shuttle crafts? I call bullshit.
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