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Re: The Oculus Rift (This will completely change the face of gaming)

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I'd love to have one for flight/space sims, but the problem is that they often have a lot of keybindings and not being able to see the keyboard would be a problem. Not to mention that I'm sure it would make many sick when you're pulling tight turns.
It's likely to start as arcadey, simple flight games. I imagine at some point one will be able to get VR gloves, where you can see your hands rendered in-game, and use actual knobs in the cockpit.

Owain Taggart wrote: View Post
I'm also wondering, will it be compatible for people with who wear glasses? I have to wear glasses as I can't see well without them.
One might wear contacts. Or if near-sighted, it won't be a problem 'cause the screen is inches away from your face. Ultimately, those lenses that warp the picture just might come with prescriptions.

I'm surprised the prototype doesn't integrate headphones and surround sound.

ETA: I like the clip where a guy flies in VR and compares it to drugs. Guess it'd be a lot like lucid dreaming. I'd wanna play as a Xenomorph in VR. Remember how trippy it was to run up walls and on ceilings in AVP?
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