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Re: The Oculus Rift (This will completely change the face of gaming)

I'm not convinced, to be honest. As Squiggy says, people won't want to wear something like that on their head. That's actually one of the factors into the failure of VR that people are forgetting. It was a problem back then, and it's still a problem from what I'm seeing. In fact, it seems to be even bulkier than earlier VR headsets. Not to mention the cost as it's going to be quite a bit out of reach for most people and the adoption rate will be low for that reason. But maybe my opinions will change if I get to try it.

But I'm imagining that it could really be cool using it while playing an MMO. Or even the next Elder Scrolls game. Seems like it would be great for open-world games.

I'm also wondering, will it be compatible for people with who wear glasses? I have to wear glasses as I can't see well without them. Oh, nevermind, I see Chris Pirello is wearing some.

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