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Re: Clever step of CBS to release ST ENT on BD now?

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I guess it's a very clever calculated step of CBS to release ENT now.
Damn right it's clever; somehow CBS & Paramount have people thinking if people don't buy every Trek video release there won't be any more! I am so in the wrong line of work...

Seriously though, are people just assuming this to be the case or did an exec at CBS actually come out and say that future releases depend on everyone buying the previous ones?

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Hey dude, don't do that. Buy what you like to watch. Take it from an old time Trekkie, they're gonna release DS9 and VOY anyway because IT IS STAR TREK. And anything Star Trek eventually gets released, and re-released and re-re-released.

They want the money. They know were out here willing to buy. They're just waiting for when they think fandom is strongest for those shows before releasing the BDs.
This x10. I can't believe it took 29 posts for anyone to say it (and Anji beat me to it by just a few hours). I'll take it even further; CBS's revenues from these BD releases are gravy in the grand scheme of things. The real money comes from selling the series into broadcast (or streaming or whatever) syndication, which the HD remaster enables them to do to a much greater extent. If anything hurts DS9 in this regard relative to other Trek series it's its then-novel serialized format in its later years; serialized shows tend to not play as well when stripped in syndication (i.e. people who can commit 1 hour a week to a series may have problems doing the same 5 times a week). Furthermore, the main market for the BD releases really and truly is the avid fan community, and I find it amazing (and gratifying) that it is large enough to justify the work that went into the supplements. Let's face it, Joe Sixpack who might have caught TNG at the height of its popularity when he was in college is not shelling out $60-80 per season for these sets; he's long since moved onto current flavors like NCIS, Vegas, etc. (not that there's anything wrong with those shows; of course TNG was a popular flavor at one time as well) and couldn't care less about Robert Meyer Burnett's (amazing) VAM.

So I'm amazed at how many people around here bought TNG S1 & S2 even though they feel most of those episodes sucked (the questionable mastering job on S2 aside) and they couldn't wait for S3; as though if they didn't buy S1 & S2 there would be no S3 (OMG no BOBW!). By all means spend your money how you want, but for heaven's sake don't spend it on something you don't even like! Support DS9? Please...

I'm really not concerned how fans spend their money; what concerns me is that when people buy substandard products (I'm looking at you, TNG S2 BDs) it tells CBS and Paramount that Trek fans don't care about quality -- that they really will buy anything with Star Trek slapped on it (this doesn't apply to JJ's "Star Track" films, which really aren't aimed at Trek fans anyway) and they can cut corners all day long. Why do proper remasters on the theatrical features (except TWOK) when we can slap substandard broadcast HD masters on the BDs and sell just as many... and repackage them and sell them again a couple of times over! Although with JJ's films taking center stage over at Paramount it might be a while before we see those remastered. And why properly vet the post facilities handling the intricate TNG HD remasters? Give the gig to the lowest bidder and if one of the former VFX staffers on the show happens to be an employee, investor, or principal, so much the better!

Nothing against ENT, but the only reason I can see for it to be released now it that CBS must not think timing is very important for sales and best to make a few bucks (again, gravy) while BD is still viable and with streaming becoming more and more capable and prevalent. Even though theoretically it would be competing with future seasons of TNG for the finite resources (both time and money) of Trek fans in a tough economy, I guess they feel it makes sense.
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