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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

I highly doubt they'll be referring to books, comics and games for inspiration for post Galactic Civil War stories. So bye bye Mara Jade, the Solo kid trio Jacen, Anakin and Jania, Ben Skywalker, Cade Skywalker, Sidious clones, New Jedi Temple with Luke as headmaster??? We can talk about it. Also weren't there talks of reviving Darth Vader for these continuations?

Just like the 3D animated clone wars series on CN. Lucas has no problem rewriting canon to advance his stories. With George as consultant and JJ as executive producer and director. I'm pretty sure they'll do their own thing with the franchise.

But seriously though, What about Trek? Who will be helming it? Who writing, producing and directing it? Yeah JJ will be involved with ST XIII but most he'll do logically with all his other commitments is be a consulting producer with a writing credit. Similar to Bryan Singer for X-Men First Class. Matt Vaughn was the director and executive producer but since Singer had done the first 2 X-men he was involved.
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