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Re: German Covers for Typhon Pact

Dimesdan wrote: View Post
Now what makes you think I would tell you in an open forum?
So tell me in a PM. Or block me.

are you now privy to how well books are selling? When ever this question comes up, individuals, including yourself have said this information is highly classified and not for public consumption.
Well, I do chat to my local SF specialist bookshop and comic shop every week. The bookshop orders in about 20 of each new ST title for the open shelves, and more for customer pre-orders, and some titles vanish within days while others sit around for weeks/months. The Borg on licensed merchandise do seem to sell fast, which is probably why Pocket, IDW and previous licensees have used Borg elements, and why the "Voyager" series plundered the Borg so often in its episodes.

I've also been an editor of a professional journal, so yes, I've had some experience in observing how certain popular design elements can "sell" a product. Similarly, we've seen Spock turn up on covers where he had minimal participation in a novel.

So tell me Ian, are you now privy to such information and also, why don't Full Circle, Unworthy and half the other books based after Destiny have Borg front and centre on their covers?
Well, you're certainly not going to use the Borg on every cover. Those books had other important things they wanted to convey. I guess. I speculate. As do we all.

As my sig has said, for years now, and due partly to previous complaints about my posting style, my speculations are my personal opinion.

Hell, why didn't Destiny, the Ultimate Borg Story didn't have the Borg on their front cover?
No idea. These are things that fans enjoy speculating about.

Now I might be wrong, but in all of Trek Publishing, a grand total of two stories have had the Borg on their cover, Vendetta which was published some twenty years ago and Before Dishonour five-and-a-half years ago and the latter just had the side of a Borg Cube.
And many DC, Marvel and IDW comic covers, including the current "Doctor Who"/TNG crossovers and trade omnibuses. And VOY VHS tapes here Down Under. And the prevalence of Playmates' Seven of Nine figures, in every costume variation imaginable. And Simon & Schuster Interactive ("Star Trek: Borg"). And the Simon & Schuster Audioworks adaptation of that game. And the upcoming DK "Visual Dictionary".

your answer was at best misleading and at worst, completely and utterly wrong.
It's my personal speculation. I'm allowed to be wrong. And so are you.

Ask Ed. I'm sure he'd agree that "Borg sell." I do not know it for fact, but it's my personal speculation and opinion, until proven wrong.
Thiptho lapth! Ian (Entire post is personal opinion)
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