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The news is overdoing it like always so they scare you into watching and buying things.

My favorites are NY State said the flu was a massive emergency, it was the worst flu in four years. Four, not 40, four.

Or the NBC News "doctor" that said that we shouldn't listen to the CDC that it's really the worst in a while, and that it's not at it's peak. That the CDC was wrong and that she was right.

Or the fact the NBC station in Connecticut keeps reporting every death in the state from the flu. It's at 17 for the season. The state has 1% of the population of the USA. The CDC says on average 36,000 deaths are caused by the flu (and that's about the same as booze), so 1% of that is 360. There should be 360 deaths in CT by population, there has been 17. Not a perfect comparison but it works to show that the whole thing is overblown.
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