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Re: Great year for be continued in 2013!

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I do not know what is so good about it. it is true a new movie is cool, but it is far from the glory of the older ST films. And also we haven't seen series for quite a long time.
People are spoiled nowadays. I remember when we got 12 comics and a few novels a year and a movie every two to three years.

This year I get a movie, a video game, TNG in HD, some comics and some novels.

I just enjoy whatever I can.
I agree with you. Perhaps, it is just the optimist in me. No Trek = bad; Trek in various forms = good.

I discovered Star Trek in the first run of The Animated Series. Later, The Original Series was available during syndication. New Trek?! WTF was that back then? It was a verrrrry long dry spell before TMP came along. It was even longer until TNG popped up! Very spoiled, indeed.
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I may be a pessimist, but I think we've seen our last Star Trek TV series.
Live-action? Agreed.

But I have a feeling we'll see something animated in the next couple of years.
If only, if only...
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